BMS Autographed Shirt Causes College Girl To Fail College Class

Welp, This is kinda embarrassing. A few weeks ago this nice college student reached out to the BMS asking if we could help her out with this class project she had. From the way I understood it was that the project was some kind of a pyramid scheme where you start with some small item and you try and trade it for something better and better until a certain date and then the teacher keeps all the shit and grades accordingly. I’m not for sure that’s exactly how it goes but you get the point.

She came up weeks ago, We hooked her up then I forgot about it after she tweeted about it back on February 3rd….. Fast forward to today February 21st and she has had exactly zero offers on her signed BMS shirt. That’s hilarious and embarrassing. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw her tweet Nard this morning asking if she could trade it back for Papa Roach tickets. haha.

Looks like she’s gonna be stuck with that shitty shirt. Probably causing her to fail the class, Therefor dropping out of school and becoming some kind of stat. That’s on us.



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