Is Danica Patrick The GOAT of NASCAR?

Didn’t see this one coming. Somehow Danica Patrick failed to finish in 1st place during the final race of her Nascar career, Bringing her total Nascar career wins to ZERO. Yes, After 8 years of Nascar races. Danica won ZERO times but she still might be the greatest racer of all time, Despite the fact the Dale Earnhardt had a better final Daytona race than she did.

She’s definitely gonna be a 1st ballot Nascar Hall of Famer. No doubt about it. Her Career speaks for itself.  Since arriving on the Nascar scene back in 2010 (feels like shes been in Nascar since 03) she finished on the pole ONE time. I think that means that she qualified to start the race in the 1st position. So, She wasn’t good in practice either.  Despite sucking at practice as well as sucking on race day she still somehow has a net-worth of 60 MILLION DOLLARS! Which in my eyes makes her the GOAT.

Think about it. Danica sucked at racing and still spun that into being incredibly rich. I personally suck at my career just like Danica and all I know is my net-worth is currently $326 after paying all my bills and picking up a half ounce. So I salute You Danica. Great Career, Enjoy retirement and just turn that trophy room at your house into a badass closet or something.


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