Chrissy Teigen is Pregnant and I Still Love Her

Chrissy Tiegen is super pregnant, Which means I need to show some respect (Like I do to all women). I still can’t help but think about doing romantic things with her even if she is right in the middle of carrying John Legends baby. I still love her. Pregnant or not I will still obsess about her. Kudos to me for not discriminating.

pregnant kriss tiegen

How great is it to be John Legend? He has to walk around 24/7 feeling like the Heavyweight Champion of the world. He can play the piano 

Chrissy tiegen


One thought on “Chrissy Teigen is Pregnant and I Still Love Her”

  1. Loving her is like loving Nard… shes Pregnant and still 🔥…….
    While Nard is Nard, but still 🔥. Scheck Scheck ….. is zis sching on ?


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