Breaking News: Nard Will Text Graphic Videos Without Warning

It’s 3 something in the afternoon on a Tuesday, There I’am sitting in the car line at my kids school, Going through twitter while playing some Nard’s last stand (100% Lie, Although it is a great game and you should go download it for free now in your app store). When a text from my friend, Nard. It was a video clip along with the text “This happened in Victoria Saturday night at a Whataburger”. I clicked on the video thinking it was either a fist fight or someone getting engaged (Nard loves engagement videos).


Nope, It was a short scuffle that ended with someone being shot. From what I could gather it looked like they might have been shot in the face (maybe not though, The video cut off)!!

I’m sure a lot of people have seen the video, I ain’t posting it. I don’t mind baiting clicks fon blogs where someone gets their ass kicked but getting shot is a different tier that I’m not equipped to handle. I’m not a good blogger, Clearly and you gotta know your shit if you wanna blog people getting shot. I also have zero clue if this person is dead, alive, injured. IDK,  I have no clue. I will give credit to the people who took the shooter down VERY quickly. A lot of good people down in Victoria and who knows how many lives they saved.

Back to my point though, Which is that Nard is a straight up Dickhead for sending me that video with ZERO warning. You have to give a heads up, When you send a video like that. Unless you are just a piece of shit. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have clicked on it but at least, Let me prepare myself. Is that not the respectable thing to do? Of course it is but it’s not The Nard thing to do and shame on me for letting my guard down. I even told Nard these things shake me to my core and he couldn’t care less.


I just did some research on the story and it looks like 2 men were hospitalized with gunshot wounds and ZERO people were arrested. I’ll update this blog when I get more details.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Nard Will Text Graphic Videos Without Warning”

  1. I read the word Victoria Tx and all I thought about was Tito and Lidia. Those are SUPER P’1’s. Hope we are all ok. It’s sad that humankind resorts to such violence. God Bless us All ….. but Party your ass off too 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


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