Patriots OC Josh McDaniels decides to tell the Colts or nah on Head Coaching position, Twitter has a meltdown.

You gotta admit, New England has a shit ton of drama. Sometimes it’s not the best, Aaron Hernandez, Deflate-Gate, Tom making out with his son, Benching Malcom Butler, etc.

The latest episode to come out of New England is Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided to turn down the Head Coaching position for the Colts and instead he will remain the OC for New England. I can’t say I blame him. Robert Kraft seems like he has his shit together just a tad bit more than Jim Beam Irsay. My personal theory is that Josh didn’t like what he was hearing about Andrew Luck chances of returning to the lineup and his ability to play at a high level. Pure speculation and in fairness, I gave the Eagles a 0.000000000000 chance of winning so fuck me.

Jim Irsay

Either way Twitter went into full on meltdown mode which is my favorite Twitter by the way. Here are some of the best ones.

I laugh every time someone accuses someone of being a Dick Rider. EVERY TIME.

0.0000000000000000000 chance that this happens

This tweet in Portuguese that I’m sure is funny

This might have been the only tweet that wasn’t hilarious but I thought I would give her a shout out for the attempt

I just pooped my pants at the thought of this happening


An Offensive Coordinator backing out of a Head Coaching job is the #1 trending topic in the world and they say football is dead.  Ya, ok.


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