High School football prospect has a very cold blooded mom

I grew up with a savage for a mother. Love her to death but she could be cold blooded at times but damn, She can’t even compete with the savagery of High School football recruit Jacob Copeland. Obviously Jacob’s mom who was sporting an Alabama sweatshirt and a Tennessee Vols hat was far from pleased when her son decided to accept a football scholarship to attend the University of Florida.

You would think that mom would just be ecstatic that her baby is getting a full ride to a major university, What more could a parent want for their child? Clearly that was not the case here. I hate to assume that she must have had some money riding on this if her son signed with either Tennessee or Alabama but I can’t think why else she would up and leave in the middle of her son signing a letter of intent. I feel bad for Jacob that his Mom decided to make this moment about her instead of just being proud of her son’s amazing accomplishment or maybe she just had to poop. Ya, Had to be a poop.


One thought on “High School football prospect has a very cold blooded mom”

  1. I’m betting her mom sold out to a school prior to. Reminds me of a ReNeg on a birthday party I was once given #CancelledAtTheDoor #NeverForget


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