Eagles had 0.000000000000 chance of winning but somehow won The Super Bowl.

I can’t fucking believe what I just watched. There I was sitting on the couch in my Tony Romo Cowboys Jersey, Eating a brownie with ice cream watching Tom Brady win his 6th Super Bowl until somehow, Something fucked up and The Eagles ended up winning 41-38.

Tom Brady threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Patriots didn’t punt ONE time and somehow LOST. I can’t believe it. Then to make matters worse, People are coming at me on twitter because earlier in the week when we were doing our radio show that’s broadcasted in 9 different markets, Billy demanded that I make a Super Bowl prediction, I said I didn’t really have a strong opinion either way but if I had to pick, I slightly favored the Patriots. Now people are coming at me on twitter. I don’t get it.

Here are just some of the tweets I received.

This guy seems thrilled that I wasn’t having the best time.

Mark made a solid point on this one


I really felt like Jean was out of line here. Jean also needs to figure out a profile pic.

Hobo d1ckcheese accuse Billy and I of being Brad dick riders. Brad Brady?

These guys quickly forget about all the winning tickets I’ve had. Ungrateful Savages.

This guy calling me a jinx but forgets to crop out my reply that had my latest gambling winnings on it!!!!

Apparently this guy never listens to the show. Tweeting blindly is the worst kind of person to be.

This guy really brought the heat

This guy thinks his memes are good

This guy thinks I’m dumber than Nard. It’s a toss up, honestly.

I didn’t even bring up the ring count. I mean everyone already knows what it is.

Just want to say hey to Nicole. Love your tweets.


Cody hoping I get fucked. Didn’t really give a lot of specifics so I’m not sure if this was rude or not. Came off a little rude.

I’d rather not talk about it, Nate.

My twitter is filled with this nonsense right now and I’d really like it to stop. People are ruining my mentions right now. My family reads that shit.


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