Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers is embarrassed of his Girlfriend Danica Patrick

I know the headline might be a little extreme but holy shit, Did Aaron Rodgers just fuck up his brand new relationship or what? Maybe he just has the worst game of all time? This may seem like no big deal but imagine being Danica right now. She CAN NOT be happy with that reply by her boyfriend, On the Red Carpet of all places! If there were ever an appropriate place for Aaron to brag about his new girl, This was it and instead he just rubbed her face in the fact that she wasn’t there with him. I can’t say I hate the move by Mr. Rodgers, It’s just not in his character, Or is it?

Maybe Aaron Rodgers is just a stud and his sex is incredible therefor he is just keeping Danica a car length away (haha Nascar joke). I really don’t know (Great blog Derek) but he seems like a goober and I’m pretty sure this hairstyle means you’re bad at sex and if you’re bad at sex you can’t be cocky (haha) on the red carpet when asked about your love life.

Aaron rodgers draft day


One thought on “Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers is embarrassed of his Girlfriend Danica Patrick”

  1. AR seems embarrassed that he got called out b/c Danica’s not there. His reaction is PURELY hysterical.
    I’m pretty sure DP has better stuff to do than go to a liberal carpet event.


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