BMS Press Release

Even though we have already announced this. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post this for the people who creep on us but might not listen everyday. The company that helps syndicate our show (United Stations) just did a press release telling everyone how great we are and thanking us for being a pillar in their company.


Couldn’t do it without you guys. I know you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to finding a quality radio show but, We are still grateful.

Breaking News: Felix Is A Weak Person

 So Felix just put up this blog that I’m pretty sure will amount to 35 views. I actually bet this blog of me calling Felix a pussy will get more clicks. Regardless, Felix did this whole post about some wrestling dork ripping off his Undertaker theory after Felix went out of his way to email the guy. But Felix did the post in such a soft way that I’m now embarrassed for him and thinking about taking his posting abilities away.

Click here to read Felix’s blog so you know what I’m talking about. Or don’t.


I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. On paper this blog had the potential of being hilarious. I thought one wrestling dork calling out another about a stolen theory was funny in my head. The evidence was comical, Felix had the email he sent the guy and the audio of the guy (sorta) ripping off his idea after her just shit on Felix in his reply email.

Felix should have cut a fucking promo on this dude, He should have called him names, been immature, cross a line, but he didn’t. Cause he’s A little pussy and all his battles need a script. Felix wrote about just wanting a “little love” from the guy and that he’s still gonna “listen everyday” because Felix is a Beta and to top it off, When Felix posted the link on Twitter HE DIDN’T EVEN @ HIM!!! Clearly scared of backlash from this guy which is obviously a Beta Move.

The worst part is that in the world of wrestling you can be whatever you want to be and Felix chooses to be a beta.


Wrestling theory stolen? You be the judge.

So as many people know I’m a wrestling mark ( loser if you want to be a dick about it). That being said I tend to listen to a few wrestling podcasts like The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show, Wrestling Soup and Solomonster Sounds Off. Well, I recently emailed the host of Solomonster Sounds Off to let him know my theory for the Undertaker which resulted in a reply that said he pretty much didn’t agree with Well wouldn’t you know that come Saturday when the podcast comes out not only does he rework my theory to make it his own but now sees it as a good idea to set up a Cena/Taker match at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, I’m here at home like “WTF?! When did all this change and why cant I get a little love for the idea?” I’m still gonna listen to his show cause it’s part of my routine and for a loser like me routine is everything.

I posted the audio below so that you can take a listen cause my imagination runs wild at times, I know this cause I’ve had an Urban Cowboy phase and two Soprano phases where all I did was walk around in my Jordan sweatsuit and listen to the theme from the show while driving around my very Hispanic non Italian neighborhood. Anyway I digress…

Fast forward to about a 1:25 in the audio and you be the judge. Am I crazy or just another loser with too much time on his hand.


The audio was posted to YouTube on the 15th of January and the podcast came out this past Saturday. My email was sent January 9th.





Caller: Tickling is borderline molestation?

As most of you know, The Billy Madison Show is a nationally syndicated radio show and sometimes we get some weird ass calls, Like this guy for instance. We were having a nice conversation about this article that says you shouldn’t tickle your kids and then this guy calls in and takes it to a whole other level. He even started attacking Nard which was funny as hell. Enjoy.


Retro Review: The 1987 Stallone classic Over the Top


IMDB-Tough trucker Lincoln Hawk is determined to win back his son and triumph at the world arm wrestling championships.


Over the Top is the movie you get when you cross a father/son road trip,the gritty world of arm wrestling and custody over a child you haven’t seen since he was a baby. Also, lets try and forget that Hawk basically took a small payday from his father in law to leave his family to become a trucker. (If that doesn’t scream shit head idk what does) Did I mention this movie has classic 80’s bad guy Terry Funk.

(spoiler alert) In the end the wife dies and once again Hawk gives up custody of his son in return for money. He then wins a big arm wrestling tournament in Vegas and he gets his son back, then they ride off together in his new 18 wheeler truck that he just won  even though everyone including his son acts like he didn’t just trade him away for money for the second time in his life. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot but those are the main points of this shit show.

Its not really a good movie but he had to do something between Rockys. There’s lots of things that could have made this better like not making it at all or getting a son who wasn’t such a pussy. I recommend this if you think your dad sucks ass cause you walk away feeling like your dad could have been way worse.

Comment a retro movie below that you want a review on I’ll accept all submissions for the most part, because I’m a single loser with lots of time to fill