WTF are you doing Vince!? A quick run down of two L’s in the making.

Vince McMahon has officially lost his fucking mind. In one week he not only announced that he is bringing back the XFL( aka 4 quarters of shit football that makes the CFL look bad ass) but he also signed “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey( cool two years ago).  Lets go over this whirl wind of bad in the making.


First off the XFL….


This reboot is so much of a bad idea that the WWE the company Vince McMahon is the chairman of wont back it financially.  This dip shit sold 100 Million dollars worth of stock to raise this future “L” from the grave, now a few positives. One, he wont be the face of the company this time which is good cause no face of a company should have his own “Kiss my ass club”. Second, hes not rushing to start the league after six weeks like last time, hes waiting two years which oddly enough is the same amount of time most new marriages fail in. Vince also wants to shorten games to two hours because they’re too long but is cool with forcing people to watch three hours of bad tv every Monday night. As of right now he has no tv for this shit storm on turf but he has his own network so either way its coming back and if its on the network dunces like me will be paying for it.


Next…”Rowdy” Ronda Rousey


2016’s gift to 2018 Ronda Rousey , not only did she show up and steal some poor girls shot at tv time and glory but all she did was point at a fucking Wrestlemania sign like a kid in a supermarket pointing at a candy they want. They will more than likely make her a female Brock Lesnar because wrestling twelve minute plus matches aren’t easy ask Laurence Taylor who almost died after his match at Wrestlemania 11 it was so bad they had to bring oxygen tanks. While I understand shes trained in multiple forms of combat shes not having any five star wrestling matches. Her popularity has also pretty much faded since Holly Holm showed the world Rousey was all hype. Shes gonna earn a lot and do a little, will she move the needle ? Maybe, but this is crap in the making and I knew it the moment I thought she was Amy Schumer walking down the ramp and not a former UFC champion. Expect her two beat Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania because that’s what WWE does, they have established stars lose so that people with recognizable names can look good.


Excuse all my grammar and spelling mistakes I went to public school…




One thought on “WTF are you doing Vince!? A quick run down of two L’s in the making.”

  1. 1st off, WHO even watched XFL the last time it was here ? All I can see in the future are teams from the bigger markets playing, I.e, NY, LA, CHI, — same ole same ole. It’s gonna fall flat on its face.
    Next is RR…. although she WAS the face of MMA “AWhileBack”, she IS STILL IN FACT DROP DEAD SEXY AF…. that’s just gonna bring in ratings, her gimmick on the other hand is TOTAL BS. Yeah I get the analogy– but RRP sucked too.
    Bring back the Era of Austin 3:16 and you’ll have yourself yet another Rocket. I went to public school too, I just payed attention. BOOM ROASTED
    Nuttin but love Felix 👍


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