I went to Disney World and it sucked

Let me start off by being transparent and fair to Disney, I fucking hate theme parks. With that said, I went into this Disney trip with an open mind because of all the hype. Billy and Nard literally would not shut up about how jealous they were and how I won’t even want to come back home because Disney was so awesome.  Now that my trip has come to it’s conclusion, All I gotta say is, Those guys are weirdos. Disney sucked. I get it, I know, It’s for kids and yes my little girl had a blast but who gives a shit. This blog isn’t about my child’s happiness but either way here is a pic of my kid having the time of her life.Brooklyn Disney

The lines are stupid long ( Not only are the ride lines long but so is the line for the buses to take you back to your resort) average wait time is about 90 minutes except for the Avatar ride, That one is about 3 hours and if you don’t have this thing called a fast pass, You’re stupid. I didn’t ride one, Not ONE ride that I didn’t have a fast pass for and I think you’re only allowed so many a day and then you have to schedule a time or something, I don’t really know nor do I give a shit because I’m never coming back. EVER.


The food sucks. Nobody can argue with me on that one. Literally, No argument. The shows were alright, If you’re into super lame shit like Indiana Jones ( My grandpa was so hyped about that one). The Disney Employees hate their lives, Therefor they aren’t the friendliest when you ask them a question, Like for instance, I asked a question about traveling from one park to another and some dweeb from Indiana acted like I was an idiot who wanted to know what letter followed L in the alphabet. Fuck that guy.

I never was brought to Disney as a child and I often would complain about that whenever Disney would be brought up in the real world,  I no longer blame my mother for that one. No parent deserves to go thru this hell. Actually, Bad parents should be forced to take their kids here to make it up to them. Good parents should get to go golfing and shit.



One thought on “I went to Disney World and it sucked”

  1. DISNEY….. its a whole lot better when you aren’t rushed. A vacation is ALWAYS appreciated based on the things I never had growing up. That being said, I planned all “my shit” at Disney and had a TOTAL BLAST. I stayed on property, rode the busses, bought a TON of stuff, had a meal plan etc. I’ve been there @5 times in my lifetime and each time is still the same- SO BAD ASS 😎#bucketList☑️


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