Wrestling theory stolen? You be the judge.

So as many people know I’m a wrestling mark ( loser if you want to be a dick about it). That being said I tend to listen to a few wrestling podcasts like The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show, Wrestling Soup and Solomonster Sounds Off. Well, I recently emailed the host of Solomonster Sounds Off to let him know my theory for the Undertaker which resulted in a reply that said he pretty much didn’t agree with it.email Well wouldn’t you know that come Saturday when the podcast comes out not only does he rework my theory to make it his own but now sees it as a good idea to set up a Cena/Taker match at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, I’m here at home like “WTF?! When did all this change and why cant I get a little love for the idea?” I’m still gonna listen to his show cause it’s part of my routine and for a loser like me routine is everything.

I posted the audio below so that you can take a listen cause my imagination runs wild at times, I know this cause I’ve had an Urban Cowboy phase and two Soprano phases where all I did was walk around in my Jordan sweatsuit and listen to the theme from the show while driving around my very Hispanic non Italian neighborhood. Anyway I digress…

Fast forward to about a 1:25 in the audio and you be the judge. Am I crazy or just another loser with too much time on his hand.


The audio was posted to YouTube on the 15th of January and the podcast came out this past Saturday. My email was sent January 9th.





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