Breaking News: Felix Is A Weak Person

 So Felix just put up this blog that I’m pretty sure will amount to 35 views. I actually bet this blog of me calling Felix a pussy will get more clicks. Regardless, Felix did this whole post about some wrestling dork ripping off his Undertaker theory after Felix went out of his way to email the guy. But Felix did the post in such a soft way that I’m now embarrassed for him and thinking about taking his posting abilities away.

Click here to read Felix’s blog so you know what I’m talking about. Or don’t.


I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. On paper this blog had the potential of being hilarious. I thought one wrestling dork calling out another about a stolen theory was funny in my head. The evidence was comical, Felix had the email he sent the guy and the audio of the guy (sorta) ripping off his idea after her just shit on Felix in his reply email.

Felix should have cut a fucking promo on this dude, He should have called him names, been immature, cross a line, but he didn’t. Cause he’s A little pussy and all his battles need a script. Felix wrote about just wanting a “little love” from the guy and that he’s still gonna “listen everyday” because Felix is a Beta and to top it off, When Felix posted the link on Twitter HE DIDN’T EVEN @ HIM!!! Clearly scared of backlash from this guy which is obviously a Beta Move.

The worst part is that in the world of wrestling you can be whatever you want to be and Felix chooses to be a beta.


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