NFL Divisonal Weekend Breakdown

The Falcons suck and Matt Ryan is a clown. I’m honestly just mad because I bet a shit ton of money on The Falcons early last week. I got in when the line was a easy -2.5 – I didn’t stop there though, Oh no, I bet The Falcons in every quarter and I also bet them to win the first half. Yep, that’s right, I somehow lost 6 bets on one game and when I have to meet my bookie Monday afternoon I might actually vomit. What a shit show the Falcons were. To make it worse they had a chance to win it at the end and they end up calling some stupid ass roll-out play that is like 0/10 all time. I now hate The Falcons.

How funny was it when the Titans scored first and people actually thought they might win the game. Including my beloved Tony Romo, What a dummy. I was asleep by the 3rd quarter so I missed The Patriots rolling to their 7th straight AFC Championship game.  Unbelievable. Last time The Cowboys played in a Conference Championship game was 1995. LOL.

The first game on Sunday was a slobber knocker with Jacksonville forcing a couple of early turnovers including a 50 yard scoop and score after a sack on Big Ben. Leonard Fournette was running all over Pittsburgh (Again) but the momentum of the game swung after Leonard had to come out after an apparent ankle Injury. Big Ben threw a bomb on 4th and 11 to score a TD and make it 28-14 at the end of the half. The second half was even better but you gotta give the Jags offense some credit. They put up 38 points (Defense scored a TD). They were also fortunate that Mike Tomlin decided to go for an onside kick when they were only down by a TD with about 4 minutes left.Jags kicked a field goal which proved to be the difference in the game with the Jags winning 45-42 advancing to the AFC Title game.

Holy shit, Saved the best for the last. Vikings and Saints was an absolute bore fest during the first half. In fact this game was so bad I started following the game on my NFL app and hopped on Call of Duty. Drew Brees of course went off in the second half, Bringing the Saints all the way back and even taking the lead late in the game 24-23. I thought I was gonna win my stupid $25  bet that paid $226 if the Jags and Saints both won. Weekend Saved!!!! Or was it…..

To lose a bet like that should be a criminal offense. Thank you New Orleans. Thank you for nothing.


All in all it was a terrible weekend for me gambling but aside from that 3 of the 4 games were pretty damn good. Looking forward to winning it back next weekend.

Jags saints bet


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