5 Songs that are no longer P.C. in 2018

The world is changing and not for the best, I remember the good old days when basic cable gave no fucks and did pretty much whatever they wanted. Now people get offended for anything, in honor of the easily offended here are 5 songs in no particular order that are no longer P.C. in 2018.

(This list would have been longer  but my ADHD doesn’t allow for that sometimes so there you go)

    1. Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4 U: A song about sexual slavery? Not in 2018 Ms.Spears… notice I said Miss because this dirty girl cant keep a husband, I wonder why?

2. The Police- Every breath you take: In a Weinstein world a song about stalking just isn’t cool anymore but it was badass in The Replacements.

3. Drake- Best I Ever Had: In a world of participation trophies that means every girl is the best you every had Drake, that goes for Ashley too back when you were wheel chair Jimmy on Degrassi.

4.  Lionel Richie- Hello: A song where the basis of the music video is a student/ teacher relationship that’s just not gonna fly in 2018 not to mention the girl was blind in the video and couldn’t see she picked the wrong commodore.

5. Shawn Michaels- Sexy Boy: I love me some HBK as much as the next guy but this song isn’t very gender neutral so unfortunately for H-B-Shizzle he is now just a sexy person.


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