20 year old smoking hot Nurse, Bungee Jumps in a converted grain silo, Ends with her death. Millennials and Recycling are clearly at fault.

Always a sad day when really attractive people die young. This 20 year old decided she was gonna try out a Bungee jumping place in town that had been converted from an old Grain Silo. Not Good. Grain silo 1.jpg

 Ciara Romero, a 20-year-old nurse, died while using a 70-foot bungee-jump feature at Get Air at the Silo Trampoline Park, an indoor recreation park in Grand Junction.

The device was tested after the accident by the Department of Labor and Employment, which worked with Head Rush, the makers the bungee, and confirmed it is now looking at other factors in the case, according to the Daily Sentinel.

Grain Silo 2

Gotta blame millennials and there obsession with recycling for this death. I guarantee this bungee jumping company was started by some millennial who was like “Hey man, We should like totally convert this grain silo into a place where people can bungee jump, man. Like save the earth, man.”

You can read the full story here.  Also I found this hilariously stupid video on youtube that talks about the incident but also reads off the entire code of the dailymail article. haha. Stupid computers.

Grain silo 3


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