Update: I personally fixed Jen Selter’s relationship with her father

Quick update from my last post. Apparently in just my 3rd day blogging, I managed to trigger one of Instagram’s Top Models. You can click here to read that post.

Jen selter Update 3

Obviously the headline is what upset her but when you really break down the headline, I’m simply just saying “Jen Selter is so hot that it must suck ass to be her dad and have every guy to ever live think about his daughter naked” that’s it. To me it’s clearly a joke and I didn’t even @ her so it’s not creepy but either way I think it’s fantastic she’s decided to clean up this post and reconcile with her father.

Jen Selter 4

The road to reconciling with her father came after searching her name ( not her mentions, Just searching her name) on Twitter like the humble hot girl she is, She discovered my blog. After scrolling through my pics to see how hot I was she decided to shame my creative humorous headline. Then she must of realized that I had been blogging for about 3 days, That I was a nobody therefor she decided to delete the tweet, I hate her for that, In the 5 minutes that tweet was active that blog post had about 9,000 different visitors. Crazy the amount of power she has.

Jen selter Update

But maybe I am a somebody because after a quick look at her Instagram you might notice a completely different caption on the photo that I pointed out. Went from “Sorry Dad” to a Pizza emoji. Crazy to think about the amount of power I know possess as an elite blogger. I won’t forget about you guys and thanks for the support.


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