I went to Jen Selter’s Instagram for the first time today and I hope her Dad is dead

I was cruising the TL earlier and saw this story about New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis hooking up with Instagram model Jen Selter(Click here to see that story). Now I have to admit that I have heard the name Jen Selter before but I thought that she was on ESPN or something. I had no idea that she was one of the best looking girls on the internet.

I have spent the past 2 hours looking at her Instagram and I may have discovered one of the rudest most aggressive Instagram post of all time.  The caption on the post is “Sorry Dad” 😦

Jen Selter 4

She pretty much cucked her dad in front of her 11.4 million followers. Harsh. Hope for his sake he’s already passed away.

Jen selter 1Jen Selter 2Jen SelterJen Selter 3


One thought on “I went to Jen Selter’s Instagram for the first time today and I hope her Dad is dead”

  1. If I’m being honest bro I never once looked at her IG and thought to myself “what’s her dad think about this”. I have 3 sons and it’s easy for me to not consider father/daughter relationships when these dirty girls post ass pics. Knowing you have a daughter I can see how that changes the game for you in regards to dirty girls posting pics and being publicly thirsty as fuck. But please don’t try to give us all a conscience and ruin young hot ass pics for everyone! Love you bitch!


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