Megyn Kelly Encourages Fat Shaming – Twitter responds “Her face looks like what cat piss smells like”

Megyn Kelly is incredibly talented at pissing the entire internet off. Her latest one comes after interviewing some fitness mom Maria Kang. During the interview she told a story about how her stepdad would fat shame her which is a weird move on the stepdad’s part. Regardless I couldn’t help but search her mentions on Twitter to see what the people were saying.

First one out the gate, Coming in hot.

Megyn Kelly 1

Classic Dad burn by a Doctor that I’m almost positive isn’t actually a Doctor

Megyn kelly 2

Damn Kim, Why you gotta be such a savage?!?!?!

Megyn Kelly 3

Suzie (Who is verified) was so pissed off about this that she decided to throw her dad and her rapist under the same bus.

Megyn Kelly 4Megyn Kelly 5

Somehow this ass-hat decided to take a shot at my beloved Oprah. Not Cool and obviously he’s a racist. Allegedly.

Megyn Kelly 6

Check out this guy scrolling through random old tweets of Megyn’s and fat shaming her.  Keep your eye out for Mike Hunt CEO in the future. Man is dedicated.

Megyn Kelly 7

And last but not least, The only tweet I could find defending Megyn Kelly and I’m positive it’s from a fake account.

Megyn Kelly 8


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