Get You A Friend That Threatens People

Daily Mail- A road manager for the New York City native, 25, was taken into custody at LAX airport on Tuesday in connection with misdemeanor criminal threats in the wake of a skirmish that took place when his American Airlines flight landed in Los Angeles, TMZ reported.

The rap artist, who was inked last year to Interscope Records, was headed to the restroom on an American Airlines that had just landed, but hadn’t yet approached the gate. Flight attendants warned the Rich the Kid, whose real name is Dimitri Leslie Roger, to get back in his seat, but he declined, the outlet reported.

At that point, his road manager intervened on Rich’s behalf, and bickered with the plane staff, at one point telling them, ‘I will cut your head off.’


I don’t condone violence against innocent people by any means but I love this Road Manager who is definitely just this Rappers buddy standing up for his guy even though they are both 100% in the wrong. Who cares, You can’t just sit back while some flight attendant is making your guy look like an asshole to the entire plane.

My friends wouldn’t have said a damn word, In fact they probably would have joined in with the flight attendant and then testified against me. Moral of the story: Rappers have way better friends than I do.





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