2018 CFB National Championship Game Blog

Hope you guys enjoyed the 2018 CFB Nattty, I’m currently watching it while this punk ass Freshman QB from Georgia who in all honesty sounds like a great kid is driving late in the first half up 6-0. I have half my rent on Alabama -3.5 so whatever. Luckily I just moved into my new place so I don’t have to pay rent for a while. No matter what new bill I get, I always like to start out with late payments just so I can set the tone, Ya know, Like, I”m in charge or whatever.

While watching the game though, I realized that I really need to figure it out with my living room situation. I cant have people coming over when my Direc tv box is sitting on Tupperware. Let’s do a quick breakdown of where the major issues are.

derek ent center 2

  1. I have a computer monitor setup so that when I’m playing Call Of Duty I can still plug my Direc into my computer monitor and keep a close eye on all the bets I’m losing while still enjoying a Double XP Weekend.
  2. Instead of some kind of nice table sitting here with family pictures and fast food I have some Tupperware that was laying around after I unpacked.
  3. That’s the HDMI cord that I use to plug the Direc into the monitor with when I’m playing COD because COD always gets the bigger TV. I could have left this number off but I edited the picture before I wrote the blog so I had to address it.
  4. This is where I went wrong. I bought one of these stupid floating mounts but I had to mount it on a stud. No stud in the middle but I thought it wouldn’t look that bad, Boy was i wrong.
  5. Giant wire mess that makes me want to move out.
  6.  TV tray.

Now I know what you’re thinking, This guy smokes too much weed and you may be right about that but don’t worry. I’m planning on taking a trip to Ikea in a couple months and this issue will get resolved. I just wanted to do like a home makeover before and after blog. So this is the before. Now you’re gonna be checking back all the time waiting for the after. Great tease Derek.

To be continued…….

One thought on “2018 CFB National Championship Game Blog”

  1. Dude! Where’s Everett’s blog? Jk FTP! I have 50 inch tv with a 30” inch monitor under it. The smaller monitor is better for CoD as it has 0 ms lag and the 50” has 40-65ms lag. Just depends on the mood and game. If I post a picture of my current fucked up setup you’d feel better about yours.

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