The Real “BBB” Gives The Other “BBB” An F Rating

Not a good look if you’re a Big Baller. Everybody knows that Big Ballers need Good Credit. I honestly have no idea if the Better Business Bureau has anything to do with your credit but I thought it was funny and don’t feel like looking it up. Regardless this cant be good for your company. TMZ has a bunch of the complaints if you want to read them click here.

I’m actually super pissed off about this because I was just having a conversation the other night with my uncle why we were murking everything that moved on Call of Duty ( It was double xp weekend, No big deal) and he was shitting all over Lavar Ball and the Big Baller Brand. I of course had Lavar’s back, You might notice that a lot of people who grew up without a dad will go to great lengths in defending Lavar Ball for obvious reasons. I’ll save that for another “Growing up without a Dad” blog down the road. Back to my point, I was arguing that BBB was becoming a household name, A legitimate brand, One that may rival Nike or Adidas one day. What a freaking idiot I’am but in my defense I graduated from Alternative school with a 1.8 GPA and have never even sniffed a business class – Unbelievable right? I know.

Keep your chin up Lavar and just remember, You might be a dead beat business owner but you’re definitely not a dead beat dad. Kudos.

lavar ball


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