Be “Nard For A Day”

How would you like to get paid to “Nard Out” on The Billy Madison Show?

  1. Just upload a short video to YouTube or Vimeo telling us why you should be “Nard For A Day” while he’s on vacation.
  2. Then, fill out the form below to send us the link to your video!

The listeners with the best submissions will have the opportunity to “Be Nard For A Day” and join the Billy Madison Show live in the studio.

Plus, each winner will also receive a custom “I Was Nard For A Day” t-shirt, a minimum wage salary for 4 hours, and the chance to see if you can make as many dumb comments as Nard!

Don’t wait. All video submissions must be received by Wednesday, September 7th at 10am. Winners will be announced Thursday, September 8th. Good luck!

Nard For A Day
Provide a link to the video you uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

Nard Takes A Punch For America

Nard reminds us why the U.S.A. is the greatest country on earth.


BMS Tattoo Showdown

Well today we finally got to see the epic showdown of legend vs God in our tattoo show down. Before we even got started we had help from a listener who was willing to donate her backside as a prize to be tattooed for the winner of the showdown.

Thanks to our amazing spank a hot girl judges The Nard took back his crown in a close 3 to 2 vote and “I love Nard” was tattooed on one lucky listeners backside.

Listen to the entire show down here in its entirety:

Tattoos courtesy of Nite Owl Tattoo Studio.