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This Dumbass Changing His Tire in the MIDDLE of the Autobahn Has a Death Wish


Dumbass Posts Video Of Himself Running Over A Donald Trump Sign Is Now Being Charged

I love having a jeep sometimes

Posted by Julien Schuessler on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Redneck On Motorized Scooter Tries To Jump Over Two Cars And Does Anyone Have An Extra Body Bag?


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Guy Tries To Bust A Beer Bottle On His Head For $25

I honestly didn’t even watch the end of the video to find out if he got his $25 or not. I sure hope so because the sound of the bottle NOT busting as it slams into his skull is tough to watch. Enjoy!! (Video)

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This Kid Is Tired Of Getting Arrested For Weed

“I always got weed on me” is in the running for quote of the year in my book. Part of me understands the frustrations this young man is going through but then there is another part of me that just makes me SMH and call this kid a f*cking idiot. Either way the video is an instant classic.