The Oscar Meyer Tramp Stamp

When Nard makes a dumbass comment, usually he’s not the one to pay for it. Once again Daniel had to find out the hard way.

Here’s a quick video of Daniel getting a tramp stamp of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

Tattoos courtesy of Nite Owl Tattoo Studio.


Booty Olympics

The Olympics are here and of course we celebrated that the only way we know how…by getting hot girls to do hot things.

Since we don’t have a real budget or properly trained workers here’s a poorly made video of today’s highlights from the Booty Olympics.


Nard Takes A Punch For America

Nard reminds us why the U.S.A. is the greatest country on earth.

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Tattoo A Hot Girl Friday

Today we took a break from tattooing Nard and Daniel to get back to what we do best on Fridays with a little twist.

Instead of inviting a creepy guy up here to spank girls, we let the girls pick out a tattoo for the first ever Tattoo A Hot Girl Friday.

Here are a few quick highlights from today:

Tattoos courtesy of Nite Owl Tattoo Studio.

Local Jaguars Fan Speaks Out About the Jaguars Draft Picks


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This Dumbass Changing His Tire in the MIDDLE of the Autobahn Has a Death Wish


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Hot Ass Teacher Loses Her Job but Her Snapchat Pics are Fire!!!!



Watch The Biggest Sports Collapse In The History Of Sports

Watch the biggest sports collapse in the history of sports. Northern Iowa loses to Texas A&M even though they were up 12 with 40 seconds left!