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Tattoo A Hot Girl Friday

Today we took a break from tattooing Nard and Daniel to get back to what we do best on Fridays with a little twist. Instead of inviting a creepy guy up here to spank girls, we let the girls pick out a tattoo for the first ever Tattoo A Hot Girl Friday. Here are a […]


BMS Tattoo Showdown

Well today we finally got to see the epic showdown of legend vs God in our tattoo show down. Before we even got started we had help from a listener who was willing to donate her backside as a prize to be tattooed for the winner of the showdown. Thanks to our amazing spank a […]


Thunder Up!

The Spurs series vs the Oklahoma City Thunder came to a pretty craptastic end with an OKC blowout but thanks to the Spurs now Daniels end will give a whole new meaning to OKC’s battle cry of “Thunder Up!” Daniel settled his bet with The Nard and got a “Thunder Up” tattoo on his BH […]