Donald Trump Is Requesting The Secret Service To C*ck Block At The Next Republican Debate?

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump sparked controversy after making his, ahem, manhood a campaign issue during Thursday’s GOP debate on Fox News. Now, a Florida activist group plans to express their distaste for Trump by hitting him where it counts.

Members of the group, which calls itself the Church of Satanic Activism or “The Church,” are planning to attend the Republican debate at the University of Miami on March 10, dressed in inflatable penis costumes in a less-than-subtle nod to Trump. They’ll don the phallic ensembles, once again, at various polling spots throughout Florida on March 15, the day of the state’s primary.

“Donald J. Trump’s a real dick, so it wasn’t much of a stretch,” Stevens told The Huffington Post. “The timing is perfect. The GOP is coming to Florida, Florida is shaped like a giant dong, and a dong is leading the GOP.”